Monday, July 6, 2009

The Black Angels

I love the Doors. Every couple of months I go back and hear a full dose of it. It always seemed like the musical seed rooted into their signature style never got picked up by other artists who built upon it. Or maybe I just need to hear more psychedelia stuff. When I heard Ray Manzarek's Love Her Madly album; especially The Golden Bough track it seemed like finally there was a direct evolution from that style. That track is Electronica all the way through and produced really well but lacked a raw edge.

Heard The Black Angels today. And it had a lot of power packed in the percussion, guitar, synths, distortions all working and flowing together in overdrive with the lead singer's vocals as the constant center of gravity. Nice stuff to drench yourself all over with. A connection to the Doors is immediately obvious in a very very good way with a lot of Indie Rock sensibilities thrown in.

I heard the Passover album and highly recommend it. That album would be a perfect with Apocalypse Now playing and flickering silently in the background on the walls of your living room.